AppSheet & FRC: Episode 6

In Review… In AppSheet & FRC: Episode 5, I explained how to use advanced Google Sheets formulas to analyze our data. This included the process of determining what to analyze, calculating various valuable statistics, and then associating the final results with the targets of our analysis. Currently, though, it’s a bit unwieldy to look at […]

AppSheet & FRC: Episode 5

In Review… In AppSheet & FRC: Episode 4, I showed how to use three powerful formulas: =ARRAYFORMULA, =VLOOKUP, and =QUERY. We also reviewed some simple use cases in a sample database to grasp how each formula operates. Now that we have a base of knowledge regarding each formula, it’s time to put that knowledge into […]

Modding Slay the Spire: Episode 2

Where I’m At So far, things have nominally progressed smoothly. At this point, I’ve finished creating the Common cards for the Psychologist and started working on the Uncommon cards. I’ve also patched the main game’s code to assist with implementing a few novel mechanics. Additionally, I’ve utilized interfaces to ensure all of my work is […]

AppSheet & FRC: Episode 4

In Review… In AppSheet & FRC: Episode 3, I showed how to make some UI updates in AppSheet, creating a smoother experience when scouters input data into the app. I also showed methods for error-checking, introducing requirements and limits, then finished with an explanation of the Principle of Least Privilege. Now that things in AppSheet […]

AppSheet & FRC: Episode 3

In Review… In AppSheet & FRC: Episode 2, I explained how to give scouters multiple screens through which to supply information, as well as how to add a heading to each screen. I then wrapped up the episode by adding a large number of new columns to the app, giving us ample data to work […]

AppSheet & FRC: Episode 2

In Review… In AppSheet & FRC: Episode 1, I showed the basic process for creating an app in AppSheet and getting AppSheet and Google Sheets to “talk to each other.” I also described the concept of keys: short strings uniquely identifying a given database entry. Finally, I explained how to collect some simple meta information […]

Modding Slay the Spire: Episode 1

The First Of Many So far, I’ve created my first few cards and tested that they function as intended, as well as implemented a few new features that will play a significant role in the gameplay of my mod. Before I get to that, though, I’ll give a quick rundown of my overall plans, copying […]

AppSheet & FRC: Episode 1

In Review… In AppSheet & FRC: Episode 0, I went over what scouting is, why it’s essential, and gave a broad overview of the scouting process. I also covered a few minor prerequisites necessary to get the most from this series. It is assumed below that you already have Google and AppSheet accounts before starting. […]

Modding Slay the Spire: Episode 0

Introduction For a while now, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with Slay the Spire (as can be seen from my play time), and as an amateur game designer, I’ve been thinking that it would be cool to create a mod. I’ve had vague thoughts about creating mods for various other games, but it’s always seemed too […]

AppSheet & FRC: Episode 0

Introduction Throughout the past few years, I’ve been a member of the 5675 FIRST Robotics Team, the WiredCats. I’ve now returned to 5675 as a mentor to continue leading our team in advancing our scouting abilities. During the 2022 season, I designed and created a robust scouting framework and accompanying mobile app to help us […]